​Enhance your Yoga practice and your life.

New MELT 2-hour Intro Workshop presented by Kathleen Hunter Levy, LSCSW

MELT Instructor

Learn how to get out and stay out of chronic pain using a special, soft, memory foam roller and specially designed treatment balls.
If you experience chronic pain, there is an issue in your connective tissue. MELT provides the missing link to living a healthy, happy pain free life.

Join us for this special, new state-of-the-art training. Rollers and treatment balls provided for this workshop.

Please bring your Yoga mat and water.

​Saturday, August, 2017 at SOMMA (School of Martial & Meditative Arts) 1402 Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66612. You can register with the link below or contact Mimi Smith, Yogabymimi@gmail.com or at her studio.

MELT founder and creator, Sue Hitzmann shown in photo.

 MELT for Yoga Event at Yoga by Mimi. Saturday, August 12, 10-Noon. Yoga 10-10:30,  MELT 10-noon. Only $10.  You can Register and pay with the, 'Buy Now' button below. MELT stands for Myofacial Energetic Length Technique. It's all about your connective tissue AS A SYSTEM in your body and how learning this technique can enhance your Yoga practice and your life. Presented by Kathleen Hunter Levy, LSCSW, MELT-trained Yoga instructor.


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