Get started today with our new Pilates/Meditation/MELT classes and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life.


Pilates is a practice that combines stretching, controlled breathing, and strength training. Pilates lengthens and strengthens your muscles instead of shortening them to strengthen them.

MELT is a simple, self-treatment technique to help you get out and stay out of chronic pain. I studied directly with Sue Hietzmann, the creator of MELT and I am certified to teach you how to do it correctly.
Meditation teaches you how to live your best life through balance, joy and deliberately creating your future. I will teach you and we practice.

Raindrop Massage is a healing treatment with Young Living, ​therapeutic-grade Essential Oils, 'dropped' along the spine and placed strategically on the bottoms of your feet using reflexology points and meridians based in Chinese medicine.
I was blessed to study directly with Gary Young, the founder of Young Living and creator of Raindrop Massage and I am certified to perform this service for you.

Psychotherapy : As an LSCSW, Kathleen offers Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, using Life Coaching, integration of modalities listed above and traditional psychotherapy techniques.

Private Pay only.

Initional Consultation 120 minutes $200.

​Individual Session 90 minutes $150. 

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